What Is Lipasafe?

LipaSafe is a payment option that allows buyers to pay for goods and services without worrying about losing their money to conpeople or people who don’t honour agreements. How Lipasafe works is that -The buyer is able to keep track of his/her payment until goods or services are delivered. All this time the deposits/upfront payments are held by the platform, however, after a successful delivery, the buyer authorizes the system to give the seller access to the payments using The Release Button. In case goods/services are not delivered, buyer raises a dispute and seller is given an opportunity to deliver what was ordered or failure to which funds are returned to buyer. At LipaSafe, sellers are also protected, remember payments are done upfront and held by the platform, therefore sellers are assured of payments as long as they deliver. The platform is automated & holds the funds until both buyer meets their terms. It is the only way a seller is assured of payments while a buyer is assured that goods/services will be delivered & if not, then they get back their cash.

How does LipaSafe work?

  1. How to create an escrow
    Buyer and seller agree to terms.
  2. Buyer creates an escrow and deposits payment to the escrow account
    Buyer starts A transaction & pays seller (However, seller can only access funds after buyer confirms delivery)
  3. How to create an escrow
    Seller delivers goods/services to buyer.
  4. How to create an escrow
    Buyer confirms reception & quality of goods/services.
  5. How to create an escrow
    Buyer authorises the release of the payment to seller using the release button.
  6. How to create an escrow
    Buyer gets cash back if goods/services are not delivered or a dispute is raised.

PLEASE NOTE: An Escrow can only be created by having funds in your LipaSafe account. Funds can be uploaded and withdrawn from Mpesa using the Wallet tab. LipaSafe does not withhold payment and has no access to the cash until the case of a dispute. Payment is held in the escrow accounts created by the buyer.

Tips when using LipaSafe

  • Once a buyer has paid for goods/services, either buyer or seller can upload documents/contracts/ agreements images related to that transaction.
  • Never start work or a delivery before the buyer pays your deposit/upfront payment via LipaSafe.
  • You can have as many transactions as you wish.
  • Always make sure that you have funds in your wallet before you begin a transaction.
  • Upload & withdraw to your wallet via Mpesa.
  • As a seller, avoid using downloaded images that do not look like what you are selling.

Paying the seller through LipaSafe is Easy

  • Log in & Go to Start Transaction Tab.
  • Click on Start New Transaction button.
  • Fill in the details of the transaction (details of seller, cost of the item, description of the good or services and delivery period).
  • Seller gets a notification in their email & are required to accept the transaction.
  • Buyer completes payment equal to the value of item they are buying. Seller gets a notification in their email, that buyer has deposited funds related to the transaction, but does not have access to the funds until a delivery is made.
  • After a delivery buyer authorises the release of payment to seller, if goods/services have been delivered as agreed.
  • If the goods/services are damaged or not as ordered, you raise a dispute, this is where the seller is given an option of delivering what was ordered or buyer gets their cash back.

An Escrow as a payment option is supposed to protect the buyer and seller from loss of money or basically fraud during a transaction. Money is lost when:

  • Buyer does not receive goods or services paid for.
  • Buyer receives poor quality goods or services or damaged goods.
  • Seller is not paid for goods or services delivered as agreed.

Most sellers or services providers will ask for deposits or upfront payments before they can deliver. However, buyers of goods/services feel uncomfortable paying deposits, because some sellers may fail to deliver, some may deliver poor quality goods or services. This is where we come in.

We also live among buyers who will order for goods or services but who switch of their phones, disappear or just refuse to pay. However, this should not worry you, you can pay deposits or upfront payments through your www.lipasafe.co.ke escrow account. The seller can only access the payment after the buyer has confirmed a delivery, while sellers are protected in the sense that a buyer cannot reverse a transaction.

Dispute Resolution

In the case of a dispute between the two parties, LipaSafe gives both parties a period of 10 days to resolve the issue, failure to which an arbitrator will be involved in the settlement. Both parties can upload documents of agreements, images and any other items related to the transaction as they will be used as proof during the settlement of a dispute.

Why is it important to pay via LipaSafe?

There have been many cases of fraud globally. Buyers of goods and services order and pay for goods and service but fail to have them delivered. Or if they do, the goods are of poor quality and services are incomplete or substandard. In the case that payment was made upfront or goods were delivered before payment, cash is lost for both the buyer and seller. LipaSafe protects both buyers and sellers from fraud both offline and online by creating a middle ground where none of the two parties have access to the money until they both meet their terms.

LipaSafe for Freelancers & Service Providers

LipaSafe also supports those freelancers & service providers working in various fields such as Graphic Design, Programming, Web Design, Interior Design, Online Writing, Photography, accounting, Wedding Planning, academic writing buying and so much more. Many freelancers have been weary of offering their services without assurance of payment and many people seeking these services have been hesitant to pay upfront in fear of not receiving the agreed services.

Paying deposits or upfront payments to service providers/freelancers via LipaSafe eliminates these doubts as both parties are protected in the case of unsatisfactory services. The buyer is assured that funds are available and will be released after services have been delivered in a satisfactory manner.

Fees and Charges

LipaSafe charges 3% of total cost of the items and services.

LipaSafe API & Plug-in

Do you have an e-commerce website or a service providing website? The LipaSafe API provides a Money Back Guarantee, which builds trust with your clients and buyers. For integration, developers can get in touch with us.

Privacy Policy & Security

Details collected at registration (Email and Phone number) are to allow us to deliver the service and for legal compliance. We do not share your details with any third parties.

In the case that we are legally required to do so, by order of law enforcement and government officials, we shall always notify you of the need to share your information as part of legal processes.

Security of your funds

LipaSafe is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya and has trust accounts with Barclays bank. This is to mean that the cash is not handled singularly by LipaSafe, but is a platform protected by the CBK and Safaricom. LipaSafe is powered by Cybatar Innovations Limited.