Here are some easy steps to get you started

LipaSafe is an online (escrow) service that holds funds on behalf of buyers and sellers and disburses funds following a successful transaction, therefore reducing fraud and subsequently loss of money. I.e. Lipasafe guarantees that a buyer gets goods or services paid for, or their money back. Sellers receive 100% of their due payment, without ever having to chase after the buyer to make payment after a successful delivery.

Lipasafe was founded as result of problems encountered by its founders and the public, majorly loss of money in fraudant transactions for goods or services. People also lose money when buying or selling goods/services from people who seem genuine. Remember most people are genuine at first, wait until they refuse to pay you for goods or services delivered!!!

Lipasafe Escrow Service is a product of Cybatar Innovations Limited, a company registered in Kenya and Incorporated under the Companies Act, 2015.

  1. The buyer receives goods that are damaged or not as advertised by seller yet they have paid for the goods or services
  2. The seller may fail to deliver goods/services to the buyer even after an advance payment has been made to them.
  3. The sellers may deliver low quality goods/services contrary to their agreement.
  4. Buyer may, for unknown reasons refuse to make payments to the seller, even after delivery of goods or services.

The platform is both a wallet and an escrow platform. Users can:

  • Upload funds to their wallet via Mpesa.(Mpesa express-you don’t have to cram a paybill)
  • Funds are withdrawn to ones Mpesa Account.
  • Upload documents/agreements/terms and conditions related to this trade
  • Raise a dispute in case they are not able to agree on the quality of services/goods delivered.

Log on to , click on wallet tab and go to the Upload Tab.

  • Enter the Phone Number which you will use to credit your LipaSafe wallet | FORMAT Should Be 254XXXXXXXXX
  • Enter the Amount which you want to send to your LipaSafe wallet
  • Enter your LipaSafe Account No. (Account Number of your LipaSafe wallet) | LipaSafe Account No. is the Phone Number used to register on LipaSafe | FORMAT Should Be 254XXXXXXXXX
  • Confirm that you have entered the correct Phone Number | Amount | LipaSafe Account No. and click on Deposit
  • Once you click on Deposit, A message appears on your Phone with the Amount to send to your LipaSafe Wallet | Enter your MPESA PIN and Confirm
  • Once Confirmed, This will credit your LipaSafe Wallet
  • A confirmation SMS is Sent to your Phone Confirming your Transaction Details
  1. Log in & go to the create Escrow Tab
  2. Create escrow by filling the details of your transaction.
  3. Seller or buyer confirms the transaction depending on who initiated it on their email.
  4. Buyer activates the escrow by completing payment. (This ensures that the seller is sure that funds will released to them as long as they deliver goods/ services while the seller is assured that payments will be made only after a delivery is made successfully.)
  5. Release funds after your delivery is made.
  6. In case of a dispute- go to the Raise dispute button.
  7. Lipasafe transaction is complete- safely and securely.
  • Enter the Amount you want to Withdraw
  • Click on Withdraw | This withdraws money from your LipaSafe Wallet to you Mobile Phone Number
  • On Successful withdrawal, you will receive a confirmation SMS indicating the Amount of cash you have received from CYBATAR INNOVATIONS LIMITED.
  • Make sure that you agree on the specifications of what is to be delivered.
  • Both buyers and sellers are advised to have pictures as a proof for a successful delivery especially for goods.
  • When the delivery of services is concerned, we always advise that sellers or rather providers for these services( e.g IT, Web development, Design, Architectural services, Bills of Quantities, Reports, or any other service as such) give the buyers or their clients clear information on exactly what the deliverables are to avoid disputes. Have in mind that the client is in most cases a lay person who only has an idea of what they would like.
  • We encourage service agreements as a proof in case of a dispute. Service providers can guide their clients on this, given that they are more aware of the technical issues in a given service.

Lipasafe protects buyers by holding their funds in a neutral, third party account until their purchase agreement is completed. Funds cannot be pushed to the seller without the buyer’s approval - protecting against misrepresentation and keeping honest people honest.

Lipasafe system is such that the buyer can instantly release the money after a successful delivery of a good or service. Once money is held on Lipasafe, the funds cannot be withdrawn by either the buyer or the seller.

Lipasafe secures all of our user’s information. Additionally, no personal information is shared between the buyer and seller and is only held with Lipasafe for the duration of the transaction

Either the buyer or the seller can create the transaction and invite the other party. Both the buyer and the seller can upload documents like agreements, photos related to their trade.

Yes, we encourage buyers or sellers to create different escrow transactions for this. We will soon have a milestone based escrow service for this, given the nature of service based jobs.