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Buy and sell goods and services without ever worrying about losing money during a transaction.

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Lipasafe is platform for safe and secure payments for services rendered and goods supplied through escrow.

How LipaSafe Works

  1. How to create an escrow
    Buyer and Seller agree to terms
  2. How to create an escrow
    Buyer submits payment to LipaSafe
  3. How to create an escrow
    Seller delivers goods or service to buyer
  4. How to create an escrow
    Buyer approves goods or service
  5. How to create an escrow
    Lipasafe releases payment to seller

How to secure a transaction on lipasafe/How to create an escrow

Log in & go to the create Escrow Tab
Create escrow by filling the details of your transaction
Seller or buyer confirms the transaction depending on who initiated it on their email.
Deposit funds to your lipasafe walet to complete payment .
Buyer activates the escrow by completing payment.
In case of a dispute- go to the Raise dispute button.
Release funds after your delivery is made.
Funds released to the seller.
Sellers wallet is credited with funds.

Customer Reviews

The customer experience is the best, Lipasafe has used innovative technology which makes it easy to secure payments in Kenya. I would recommend this company and services to friends and anyone. Good job!

Was blown away by the amount of innovation!

LipaSafe Escrow Service is tailor made for East Africans, making it easy to secure payments.

Patient and helpful customer service.

Being a Kenyan Company, Lipasafe engages with their customers with promptness.

I have secured payments for my online transactions with Lipasafe. I encourage my friends and colleagues to use this innovative product.One is able to tract their money; whether in escrow or in their wallet through the transactions tab.

One can upload money via Mpesa without ever having to cram a pay bill number. That’s commendable.

So innovative, it works both as an escrow service and a wallet. I can even save money on Lipasafe.

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